r Hurricane Protection by PlyFASTner plywood system

The PlyFASTner Hurricane Protection System protects your property quickly and safely with plywood panels, without tools.

PlyFASTner meets every code,* beats every price.
Don't be fooled by other plywood-based products! *PlyFASTner is the only plywood-based huricane protection system that meets and exceeds both The Florida Building Code and the International Building Code (SC) in the wind-borne debris region. Plus, it's the most affordable product of its kind.
Fast and Easy for Contractors or Do-It-Yourselfers to Install. The average 20-window house can be fitted with the PlyFASTner system in under 4 hours.
Fast, Safe and Easy for Property Owners to Use. Quickly prepare for storms in advance. With the patented PlyFASTner Flush Mount System installed, plywood protection can be secured quickly and safely, without tools.

Unlike temporary nails or screws, PlyFASTner will not damage trim.