Home Owners with Existing Plywood Protection:
How long does it take you to attach your plywood?
And then remove it after the storm?
How long does it take you to caulk, prime and paint the damaged trim?
Do you buy new screws each time you fasten your plywood?
Can you always find the needed tools?
Have you ever broken glass while you were nailing or screwing plywood?

Use your existing plywood sheets with the
PlyFASTner system, easily and affordably.

1. Purchase inexpensive PlyFASTner hardware.
2. Drill one-inch holes in plywood sheet.
3. Using sheet as a template on window, install Flush Mount anchors.

PlyFASTner Advantages
You are always prepared in advance.
There is no damage to your home's trim.
If weather threatens, you can secure plywood with PlyFASTners
quickly and safely, without tools.