"Performed Beautifully Through Charley and Frances"
     –Craig Youngberg, Port Charlotte, FL

"Gives Much Added Peace Of Mind"
     "System was completed just before Frances came through...what a relief
and a time saver!"
     –Perry Morris, Shell Point, FL

"A Fantastic Product! "
     –Roger Bohnke, Cape Canaveral, FL

"I'm 100% Sold On It"
     "PlyFASTner makes hurricane protection affordable in our price range of
homes and very user friendly for the home owner.
According to the S.C. State Home Builders Association, 95% of all hurricane related injuries occur before the storm. We don't want our customers trying to handle tools outside in bad weather."
     –Colin Campbell, President, C.R. Campbell Construction Co., Charleston, SC

"Everything Makes Sense"
     "My customers love it...just what they were looking for."
     –Doug Wright, President, Doug Wright Construction Co., Charleston, SC