PlyFASTner Plus® Advanced Hurricane Protection System Features

Watch this 15 second video for a quick introduction to the PlyFASTner Plus Advanced Hurricane Protection System

  • The PlyFASTner Plus patent-pending 2-part hardware system plus plywood will quickly provide protection for any window or door opening from wind-borne debris, using a few simple components.
  • PlyFASTner Plus is compatible with all home exterior materials, including wood, vinyl, HardieTrim, brick/brick veneer and concrete block.
  • PlyFASTner Plus will protect your home at a fraction of the cost of conventional pre-installed products.
  • PlyFASTner Plus brackets are injection molded from a reinforced Nylon material, enabling our system to meet or exceed strict Coastal Building Code requirements.
  • Our hardware can be used with 1/2 ̋ CDX plywood, 7/16 ̋ OSB plywood or 5/8″ polycarbonate panels as required by Code or upgradeable with thicker plywood or polycarbonate panels. Polycarbonate panels must have Florida Product Approval. Galina USA offers approved polycarbonate panels.
  • Our Stow & Deploy® anchoring system minimizes the appearance of permanently installed hardware while simplifying assembly for homeowners preparing for an approaching storm.
  • PlyFASTner Plus hardware is made with pride in the USA using recycled materials.

PlyFASTner Plus® kits are available as a 1-Window Pack or Multi-Window Cases and include PlyFASTner Plus® Brackets and Stow & Deploy® Hardware.

plyfastner plus 1-window pack 650x650
plyfastner plus 9-window case 650x650

Select PlyFASTner Plus® Hardware Kits based on the type of construction used for the house.

All PlyFASTner Plus Hardware kits and components meet all Building Code Requirements.

Plyfastner Stowed


Stow and Deploy® anchoring hardware is permanently installed and concealed with protective caps during the off-season, then deployed in advance of a storm, so you can then quickly put protective plywood panels in place, without requiring any tools. 

PLYfastner In Place


Should a storm threaten, PlyFASTner Plus lets you place protective panels on your home in under a minute per window and door.

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