Anchor: Affixed bolt on which the pre-drilled plywood is hung. We offer three options for use with our PlyFASTner® and PlyFASTner Plus™ hardware: Stow & Deploy® Anchor, Retractable Anchor, and Anchor with Removable Bolt.

Anchor for Brick Veneer: Installation in brick veneer is possible but requires a longer anchor since the threads of the anchor must engage the 2×4 structural wall framing; materials specific for brick veneer applications may be purchased here.

Anchor with Removable Bolt: Permanently installed stainless steel anchor with a removable bolt to minimize appearance in the off season. This component measures 4.5” long and is assembled by PlyFASTner. It is comprised of a head (.5” x 1.25”) and a 1/4” diameter lag thread shaft. White or black hole plugs can be used to further minimize appearance.


Cap: Decorative nylon piece to cover bolt head of the retractable anchor and Stow & Deploy® anchor in the off season; available in white.


Hole Liner: Nylon hardware component used with the Anchor with Removable Bolt and Retractable Anchor to shed water away from the anchor’s hole. Typically used on wood and vinyl applications.


Nut Driver: Typically used with a drill, consisting of a 7/16” socket attached to a shaft, used to insert anchors; included in our Installation Kit.


OSB: Oriented Strand Board, an alternative to plywood panel material.


Plug: Flat decorative nylon insert used to fill permanently-installed anchor with removable bolt in the off season. Available in white and black.

PlyFASTner®: Our original bracket design used to secure plywood panels, which has now been replaced with the new, improved PlyFASTner Plus® black Nylon bracket.

PlyFASTner Plus®: Our new generation bracket, injection molded from reinforced nylon to meet or exceed Coastal Building Codes, which is used to secure plywood panels.

Plywood: 1/2”, 3-ply, CDX, 4’x8’ panel used to protect opening. 1/2” thickness meets building code requirements.

Polycarbonate Panels: can be substituted for plywood to protect openings. Polycarbonate panels must be 5/8” thick and have Florida Product Approval to meet building code requirements. Galina USA offers approved polycarbonate panels.


Retractable Anchor: Permanently installed zinc-coated anchor with a bolt that retracts to minimize appearance in the off season. White bolt caps can be used to further minimize appearance.


Seal: A soft foam washer that is placed under the head of the white plug that helps create a moisture barrier. A sheet of 50 seals is included in an order of 50 white plugs.

Spade Bit: Specialized drill bit for boring into wood; included in our Installation Kit. Spade bits come in various sizes as needed to install the PlyFASTner hardware.

  • The 1” spade bit is used to drill a large 1” hole thru the panel which allows for easy panel hanging on the protruding bolts.

  • The 1/2” spade bit is used to form a 1.5” deep hole for the head of the recessed anchor of the Anchor with Removable Bolt.

  • The 5/8” spade bit is used to form the anchor’s preparation hole if a hole liner is used.

Stow & Deploy® Method: Our trademarked and patent pending system where permanently installed PlyFASTner Plus Stow and Deploy Anchors® are discreetly stowed in the off-season available for quick engagement when needed as threatening weather approaches.

Stow & Deploy® Anchor: Permanently installed zinc-coated anchor that is stowed in the siding to minimize appearance in the off season. To deploy an anchor, counter-turn the head 8 revolutions or until there is ample protrusion of the shaft to support the panel and PlyFASTner Plus loosely slides into place.


Zinc: Corrosive-resistant coating applied via electrostatic process to hardware components; similar to a galvanized coating.

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