Stow and Deploy® Hardware Makes Installation Simple and Hurricane Preparation Fast

PlyFASTner Plus® features improvements to our original patented design that’s been protecting homes from hurricane damage for 20 years. PlyFASTner Plus uses our Stow & Deploy® anchoring system to simplify installation of hardware in advance and make it fast and easy for homeowners to prepare for an approaching hurricane. Protective caps are used to minimize the appearance of permanently installed hardware.

PlyFASTner Plus® system lets you place protective panels on your home in under a minute per window and door.

Install Hardware in Advance

install plyfastner 1

Prepare plywood panels to fit windows and doors.

Install Stow and Deploy® anchors (a) and protective caps (b).

Attach Panels When Hurricane Threatens

The PlyFASTner Plus system lets you place protective panels on your home in under a minute per window and door. Openings are protected from wind-borne debris.

Remove protective caps from anchors (a) and deploy anchors to protrude from surface of window casing (b).

Hang plywood panels on PlyFASTner Plus anchors by aligning them with the pre-drilled holes. 

Place PlyFASTner Plus brackets on anchors.

Slide PlyFASTner Plus brackets down to secure plywood.

Installation Options Using Alternate Attachment Hardware

We expect most customers will agree that our new Stow and Deploy hardware offers the simplest and most practical installation method. However, we came up with some installation hardware alternatives during development and are making these available to do-it-yourself homeowners and installers that may be interested.


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