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PlyFASTner Plus ® Advanced Hurricane Protection Pre-Packaged Kits make it easy to purchase Brackets, Anchors, Caps or Plugs and Installation Instructions packaged together to cover 1, 7 or 9 windows, depending on the type of hardware included. Kits for Standard/Wood Frame construction are available for 1 or 9 windows. Kits that include stainless steel hardware are packed for 9 windows. Kits for Brick or Block/CMU construction are packed for 7 windows. Select from Shop Menu below.


Individual anchors may be purchased for specialized installions to meet your hurricane protection needs. Our Stow and Deploy ® Anchors are available in hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel and also in hot-dipped galvanized in a special 9” length for brick veneer construction. We also offer stainless steel Anchors with Removable Bolt and hot-dipped galvanized Anchors with Retractable Bolt. Select from Shop Menu below.

Advanced hurricane protection individual components include PlyFASTner Plus Brackets, sold individually, Decorative Caps used off-season with Stow and Deploy ® installations, Decorative Plugs used off-season with Block/CMU construction, and Hole Liners used with Anchors with Removale Bolts and Anchors with Retractable Bolts. Select from Shop Menu below.

We currently stock an Installation Kit which includes a 1” Spade Bit and a 7/16” Nut Driver and can be used to help install PlyFASTner Plus® Advanced Hurricane Protection hardware. Select from Shop Menu below.

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