Hurricanes are arguably the most predictable natural disaster, and because there is so much tracking and prediction information available, people often make the mistake of not taking steps to plan and prepare for them before it’s too late. Because hurricanes can change course and strength at any time and have enormous potential for causing catastrophic damage, it’s vitally important to prepare well in advance for them–we recommend being ready before hurricane season starts. This includes having a plan to keep your family safe and an having an effective method in place to protect your property from damage.

In 2000, residential construction specialist Robert Goodwin began development and patented the PlyFASTner® Hurricane Protection System for homes, which was the result of his desire to create a practical method for homeowners to protect their property from hurricanes in advance. He started his company, PlyFASTner, LLC in Charleston, SC shortly thereafter, to manufacture and distribute components for this system. Products developed by PlyFASTner, LLC have been effectively protecting coastal property since 2002. PlyFASTner made it easy for homeowners to prepare in advance with pre-cut plywood and pre-installed hardware. They could now quickly protect their houses by attaching plywood when a hurricane threatened. This made a practical alternative than waiting until a storm is approaching when plywood and hardware supplies are often sold out. PlyFASTner also provided a better choice than using ordinary screws or nails to attach plywood, which can likely damage your house.

Mr. Goodwin stays up to date with Coastal Building Code regulations and is an active participant in the educational activities of the Coastal Code Enforcement Association of South Carolina. He is a member of the Charleston (SC) Home Builders Association. While overseeing both manufacturing and distribution of products, Robert still enjoys personal contact with his retail sales representatives as well as homeowners. Customers and installation contractors appreciate being able to call him with questions at (843) 766-8199.

In 2020, Mr. Goodwin developed the more affordable PlyFASTner Plus® system, which makes hardware installation simpler than with his original design, so it’s even easier for homeowners to prepare in advance when a severe storm threatens. The updated design features the new PlyFASTner Plus reinforced Nylon bracket. PlyFASTner Plus, like the previous generation PlyFASTner hurricane protection system, has passed numerous tests to meet or exceed Coastal Building Code requirements for the protection of windows and doors from wind borne debris. Learn more about the PlyFASTner Plus Advanced Hurricane Protection System at

The PlyFASTner Plus Advanced Hurricane Protection System features the new PlyFASTner Plus Stow and DeployTM hardware, which is permanently installed in advance, so you can quickly put protective plywood panels in place without using tools. PlyFASTner Plus meets Coastal Building Code Requirements and can be used with either plywood (1/2˝ CDX or 7/16˝ OSB) or polycarbonate panels.

PlyFASTner Plus provides home builders and construction contractors with a practical and economical solution for meeting coastal code requirements. Please see our list of dealers here.

Visit to learn more about the PlyFASTner Plus Advanced Hurricane Protection System and to locate sellers for homeowners or home builders. PlyFASTner Plus 1-Window Packs, 9-Window Cases and individual components can be purchased online via the Plyfastner online store.

For a quick overview of Plyfastner Plus refer to this 15 second video.

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