Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to hurricane shutters? We have the answer for you!

When debris driven by hurricane force wind breaks a window, rain and debris will be able to enter your house and can result in significant damage. Windows and glass doors are expensive to replace but there are effective ways to protect them from damage caused by hurricanes.

The PlyFASTner Plus Hurricane Protection System provides a practical and economical alternative to other forms of protection for openings in houses, such as hurricane shutters. PlyFASTner Plus is ideal for homeowners on a smaller budget. PlyFASTner Plus makes it easy for homeowners to prepare in advance with pre-cut plywood and pre-installed hardware. The PlyFASTner Plus Advanced Hurricane Protection System features the PlyFASTner Plus Stow and DeployTM hardware, which is permanently installed in advance, so you can secure plywood panels in less than a minute per window, without using tools when a hurricane is forecast.

Based on 528 square feet of coverage, the national average cost for materials and contracted labor for hurricane shutters is $8,415 while PlyFASTner Plus is $1,290. High end roll-down hurricane shutters will cost considerably more. Hurricane shutters require a certified installer to meet building code while PlyFASTner Plus can be installed by a do-it-yourselfer homeowner to save even more. Hurricane shutters can be especially costly and challenging to install when a house has larger than standard window sized openings to protect, such as sliding glass doors, picture windows or glass brick “lightwalls”. PlyFASTner Plus, on the other hand, has an affordable solution for these larger openings.

There are other disadvantages to hurricane shutters. In some situations, shutters can fail and shatter in severe storms, allowing water and debris into the house, although reported incidents of hurricane shutter failure are low. Storm bars may required to secure shutters for some designs, which increases the installation time and the costs for setup. In addition, the cost of purchasing and installing hurricane shutters is quite expensive.

Not all shutters are of the same quality, even though advertised as being built to withstand hurricanes. Homeowners may decide to hire a contractor or build their own hurricane shutters. These do not meet building code requirements. They have not been tested. The PlyFASTner system was tested in accordance with ASTM E 1886, ASTM E 1996, and ASTM E 330, including the large missile test and positive and negative cyclical pressures. The system meets the requirements of the Florida Building Code, the International Building Code, and International Residential Code. The downloadable Evaluation Report  will provide the required information that certifies code compliance. PlyFASTner Plus hardware is used along with panels made of plywood (1/2” CDX or 7/16” OSB) or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate panels must have Florida Product Approval. Galina USA offers approved polycarbonate panels.

Not everyone likes the look of hurricane shutters. Some think they have an industrial appearance that detracts from a home’s beauty. The PlyFASTner Plus system only requires plywood panels to be put in place temporarily when a hurricane is threatening. They are stored away in the garage at other times.

Stowed Features of our hurricane protection system

Stow and DeployTM anchoring hardware is permanently installed and concealed with protective caps during the off-season, then deployed in advance of a storm, so you can then quickly put protective plywood panels in place, without requiring any tools.

Permanently attached Colonial or Bahama style shutters can suffer UV damage from sun exposure. They will need to be painted about every three to five years. The cost to paint a house full of shutters is between $225 and $550, including paint and supplies. Plywood used with the PlyFASTner Plus Hurricane Protection System needs no paint and will last indefinitely when stored out of the weather.

Since there is much hurricane tracking and prediction information available, people often make the mistake of not taking steps to plan and prepare for them before it’s too late. Because hurricanes can change course and strength at any time and have enormous potential for causing catastrophic damage, it’s vitally important to prepare well in advance for them. We at Plyfastner, LLC recommend that you follow the guidelines as outlined at, which include having a plan to keep your family safe and an having an effective method in place to protect your property from damage. Please visit to learn more about our company’s history of innovation and the practical and affordable PlyFASTner Plus Hurricane Protection System.


PlyFASTner Plus 1-Window Packs, 9-Window Cases and individual components can be purchased online via the Plyfastner online store.

For a quick overview of Plyfastner Plus refer to this 15 second video.

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