One of our newest installations of the PlyFASTner Plus Hurricane Protection System is for a home located along the Stono River in the South Carolina Lowcountry, near Charleston. Our customer is a homebuilder and he served as general contractor to have this place built for himself. The local building inspector mentioned PlyFASTner Plus to him as an option that would meet the Coastal Building Code for this area. He protected more than 40 windows and doors on his traditional lowcountry style house.

The PlyFASTner system meets the requirements of the Florida Building Code, the International Building Code, and International Residential Code. PlyFASTner Plus hardware is used along with panels made of plywood (1/2” CDX or 7/16” OSB) or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate panels must have Florida Product Approval. Galina USA offers approved polycarbonate panels.

When debris driven by hurricane force wind breaks a window, wind, rain and debris will be able to enter your house and can result in significant damage. Windows and glass doors are expensive to replace but there are effective ways to protect them from damage caused by hurricanes. PlyFASTner Plus makes it easy for homeowners to prepare in advance with pre-cut plywood and pre-installed hardware. The PlyFASTner Plus System features hardware that is permanently installed in advance, so you can secure plywood panels in less than a minute per window, without using tools when a hurricane is forecast. PlyFASTner Plus has been shown to be more afforadable than hurricane shutters, making it ideal for homeowners on a smaller budget.

Don’t make the mistake of not taking steps to plan and prepare for hurricanes before it’s too late. Because hurricanes can change course and strength at any time and have enormous potential for causing catastrophic damage, it’s vitally important to prepare well in advance for them. We at Plyfastner, LLC recommend that you follow the guidelines as outlined at, which include having a plan to keep your family safe and an having an effective method in place to protect your property from damage. Please visit to learn more about our company’s history of innovation and the practical and affordable PlyFASTner Plus Hurricane Protection System.

Hurricane window protection

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