Q: What skill level is needed to install PlyFASTner Plus® hardware?

  1. Novice Homeowner
  2. Do-It-Yourselfer Homeowner
  3. Professional Carpenter

A: The PlyFASTner Plus® hurricane protection hardware can be installed by any of these!

Installation takes just 3 basic steps:

  1. Make 2 cuts on a sheet of plywood (length & width)
  2. Drill 4 one-inch holes in the plywood
  3. Insert 4 PlyFASTner Plus anchors

 Easy Hurricane Protection

Even a novice homeowner can complete hardware installation, using only a tape measure, a drill and a saw(optional). We include detailed instructions to help you with every step and provide you with information about different types of home exteriors.

We are here to help.

You can contact PlyFASTner Technical Support here.  Send a picture of your window. You can start by ordering a 1-Window Pack which includes 4 PlyFASTner Plus brackets and 4 Stow and Deploy TM anchors. We will walk you through the steps, starting with measuring the size of the panel. A home improvement retailer can provide plywood panels and cut them to your measurements or you can make the cuts with your own saw. We will help you identify 1-inch hole locations. Drill 4 one-inch holes in the panel. Position panel and mark holes. Insert 4 PlyFASTner Plus anchors. Hang panels and slip PlyFASTner Plus brackets into place. You are ready for the wind to blow!

We have answers for questions about your house.

We are here to answer questions about your particular type of house, such as how to install hardware in brick veneer exteriors, concrete block, vinyl or Hardie-siding. Recommendations can also be provided for panel configurations such as twin or triple windows, arch or odd shape windows and very large openings. info@plyfastner.com (LINK)

PlyFASTner Plus hardware is installed in advance, you can protect your home from an approaching hurricane within minutes.

The PlyFASTner Plus Advanced Hurricane Protection System features the new PlyFASTner Plus Stow and DeployTM hardware, which is permanently installed in advance, so you can quickly put protective plywood panels in place without using tools. PlyFASTner Plus can be used with either plywood (1/2˝ CDX or 7/16˝ OSB) or polycarbonate panels.

Visit plyfastner.com to learn more about the PlyFASTner Plus Advanced Hurricane Protection System and find out if there is a retailer near you. All PlyFASTner Plus products, including 1-Window Packs, 9-Window Cases and individual components can be purchased online.

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